Paul Peppard

Credentials: MS, PhD

Position title: WSC Study Director, Professor of Population Health Sciences

For the last decade, Paul Peppard has been the Director of the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study (prior to Dr. Peppard, Dr. Terry Young was the Study’s Director going back to its inception in 1988). Paul conducts NIH-funded epidemiologic research into the causes and consequences of sleep disorders and sleep behaviors including the impact insufficient sleep on metabolic disturbance and weight gain; the behavioral (e.g., physical inactivity, weight gain, alcohol use) and genetic predictors of sleep apnea; and, outcomes of sleep habits and disorders (e.g., cardiovascular, cognitive dysfunction, depression). Other areas of research interest include health disparities, summary measures of population health, population health monitoring, and the association of the human microbiome and health.

PhD: Epidemiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MS: Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MS: Preventive Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BS: Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison